Have you ever wanted to learn Latin? Few schools teach it any more, and if you are reading this page, you probably don't live near one of them. Now you can learn Latin at home in your spare time. For only $250 you can take one semester of Latin. This fee includes listening to lectures, monitoring your progress with automated exercises and tests, and meeting with the instructor in a chat room twice a week.  No grade will be entered for your work, but you will know how well you are doing.
     Have you ever wished your children could learn Latin? Studies have found that the verbal parts of SAT scores have dropped dramatically since Latin ceased to be taught in the schools. That is because the words being tested mostly derive from the Latin. Latin has given English its intellectual vocabulary, which is the vocabulary found in most books of the college level. Click here to learn how English acquired a Latinate vocabulary.
     Learning Latin gives the student a historical perspective. You can't study the language without taking an interest in its speakers. People are still interested in Julius Caesar two thousand years after his death.

The Professor

     Mary DeForest began learning Latin at the age of 11 and has studied it for over 40 years, which gives you a sense of her age. She has a PhD in classics from the University of Colorado. She is the author of one book and numerous articles on ancient literature and the persistence of ancient literature in modern writers, particularly in Jane Austen (click here for her collection). For one project her collaborator, Eric Johnson, devised a Latinometer that can measure the Latinate density of any piece of English prose.

How to Enroll

     Click on enroll, and print out the form. Fill out the form and send it to

Patty Godbey
Assistant Director, CU Online
University of Colorado at Denver
Campus Box 198
PO Box 173364
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