Get Cryptographs Into Your Newspaper 

The Arizona Republic: Howard Finberg 
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Elizabeth Lee 
The Baltimore Sun: Steve Proctor 
The Boston Globe: Lincoln Millstein 
The Boston Herald: Linda Tischler 
The Buffalo News: Margaret Sullivan 
The Charlotte Observer: Mary Curtis 
The Daily Oklahoman: Joe Hight 
The Dallas Morning News: Lisa Thatcher  
The Denver Post: Henry Dubroff  
The Denver Rocky Mountain News: Lynda McCormick  
The Des Moines Register: Jeanne Abbott 
The Detroit News: Martin Fischoff 
The Detroit Free Press: Dale Perry 
The Fort Lauderdale Sun: Ellen Soeteber 
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Judy Heaberlin 
The Hartford Courant: O'Connor 
The Houston Chronicle: Mike Read 
The Indianapolis Star: N. Comiskey 
The Kansas City Star: E. Foley 
The Los Angeles Times: Karen Wade 
The Memphis Commercial Appeal: Leanne Kleinmann 
The Miami Herald: Elissa Vanaver 
The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Heidi Reuter 
The New Orleans Times-Picayune: Bettye Anding 
Newsday: Phyllis Singer 
The New York Daily News: Larry Hackett 
The New York Post: V. A. Musett 
The Orange County Register: Lynne Domash 
The Orlando Sentinel: Jane Healy 
The Philadelphia Daily News: Debi Licklider 
The Philadelphia Inquirer: Howard Shapiro 
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Susan Puskar 
The Portland Oregonian: Mark Wiggington 
Sacramento Bee: Features Editor 
St Louis Post Dispatch: E. Gardner 
The St. Petersburg Times: Nancy Waclawek 
The San Antonio Express-News: Marsha Harlow 
The San Diego Union Tribune: Gina Lubrano 
The San Francisco Chronicle: Rosalie Muller Wright 
The San José Mercury News: Ann Hurst 
The Tampa Tribune: Judy Hill 
The Seattle Times: Patricia Foote 
The Washington Post: Geneva Overholser 

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