Own Something

A Digital
Ownership Revolution
As we increasingly live, meet and interact digitally, collectors have been looking for ways to showcase and express themselves in this new world.

We are at a tectonic shift. For the first time, digital content can be truly unique. A string of 0s and 1s can now be immutably owned, shared and traded thanks to blockchain technology. We are witnessing the beginnings of a new content model for the internet, where creators can sell digital creations the same way that an artist can sell a physical painting today.
Get Closer To
Those You Admire
Cryptographs are one-of-a-kind digital creations made by world icons and artists. Thanks to blockchain technology a Cryptograph is 100% owned by its collector and it cannot be forged. Each Cryptograph is truly unique and designed to exist forever, it is in essence a digital legacy that brings you closer to the creators you admire.
Giving Back
Cryptographs are created to support charitable causes close to the hearts of their creators. Every time a Cryptograph is transacted, money is automatically donated to the creator’s cause. You can see what cause each Cryptograph is helping and how much it has raised for that cause.
The Cryptograph platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and all Cryptograph data, ownership records and transactions are processed securely by our audited smart contract ecosystem. All Cryptographs are ERC-721 tokens and also implement the ERC-2665 transfer function extension.