A Philanthropic Legacy

Perpetual Altruism
Perpetual Altruism, the social enterprise behind Cryptograph, was founded by a team of entrepreneurs, impact investors and blockchain pioneers who believe in using technology to do good.

At the heart of the Cryptograph platform is the desire to support creators and the charitable causes that they care about. Every time a Cryptograph is transacted, money is automatically donated to the creator’s cause, forever.
Supporting Great Causes
Cryptographs support a wide range of great causes as chosen by their creators. As Cryptographs cannot be destroyed, they will be perpetually raising funds for the causes they support, giving charities a sustainable form of income to help them carry out their missions over the long term.

Below are some of the great charities that our Cryptographs support:
Sustainable Philanthropy
Thanks to Cryptograph’s innovative model, creators, charities, collectors and Perpetual Altruism are all incentivised to make sure that each Cryptograph generates a long-term positive social impact. Perpetual Altruism only makes money if the charity does, which makes philanthropy a part of our DNA.

Our sustainable philanthropic business model allows us to operate and grow so we can continue to increase the value and number of Cryptographs in circulation, thereby creating an ever greater philanthropic impact in the world without the need for outside financial help.